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"Within just 12 hours of launching registration for my fall dance classes, 71 students have signed up! Boo-yah! That's $11,102 in less than 12 hours -- all generated 100% online!"

~Shawn Byfield

Bert Ingley was tired of feeling like his career was controlled by other people... so he started an Internet business he was passionate about!

Now Bert works less than 14 hours per week... yet he made over $187,000 in online sales last year teaching people how to play video games!

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Want to increase your sales by 200% (or more)? Well, here's a hot selling tip...

Selling information using eBooks is the smartest, fastest way to make tons of money online.

But best of all, now you don't even have to lift a finger! Just hire us compile your eBook for you with our "eBook Publishing Service"

People use the Internet to find information...

... So it's EASY to turn this NEED for information into a NEED for your eBook!

Think about it: What is your BIGGEST problem right now?

Now suppose I offered to solve that problem for $17... or $27... or $49... or even $100 or more? Wouldn't learning the solution to your very biggest problem -- and getting it RIGHT NOW -- be worth almost any price?

For most people, the answer is "YES!" and this is why smart entrepreneurs are able to make lucrative six-figure incomes selling relatively short eBooks (often less than 30-50 pages!).

It doesn't matter whether you want to create an eBook to sell -- OR -- a VIRAL eBook to increase your traffic and sales...

The first step is "writing" or "recording" your book (or report).

Just create a SHORT report (10-30 pages) that solves a problem OR or shares valuable information about a hot topic for a specific group of people (i.e. cat owners, plumbers, guitar players, etc.).

Of course, some people are scared to write -- even though it doesn't have to be long (even 10-30 pages will do!)... and it doesn't have to be grammatically perfect...

... It just has to tell your reader how to solve a problem!

Here are some ideas you can package into an eBook:
  • Books, reports, whitepapers, etc.
  • Video demonstrations
  • Interactive tutorials
  • Audio interviews with industry experts
  • "Previews" of text, audio, or video products you sell
  • Free or paid trials of text, audio, or video products
... and much more!

Then all you need to do is hire us to do all the work FOR YOU, cheap!

Here's how it works:

STEP #1... You write or record your information and email it to us.

STEP #2... We'll turn your information into a professional-looking eBook -- and even add graphics, audio, and video, if you want!

STEP #3... We can add a "VIRAL BUTTON" to your eBook (if you want) -- so any reader who likes your eBook can easily share it with friends by simply "clicking" this VIRAL 'send this eBook to a friend' button!
This way you can give away FREE copies of your viral eBook -- and invite readers to share unlimited copies with THEIR friends and colleagues.

STEP #4... Every new reader will have to fill out a simple form BEFORE they can read your eBook -- so you can imagine how FAST your list of opt-in subscribers (sales leads) will grow with eBooks.

STEP #5... We'll give you unlimited eBook Password Codes so that you will never run out of copies to sell or give away to your customers.

STEP #6... If someone asks for a refund or puts a "chargeback" on their credit card, you simply "deactivate" their Password Code so that, when the eBook checks back with our server, it becomes unavailable to that user!

STEP #7... Once we've compiled your eBook and uploaded it to your website, that's it. Your eBooks are delivered automatically, electronically, to every single buyer, within MINUTES of the order being placed, and...

...YOU get to keep 100% of the profits!

As you can see, with eBooks, word about your business can spread VERY FAST -- So you can't afford to waste time...

Get started today by filling out and submitting our form below and we'll get back to you with an estimate for your job:

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